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Verenpisara+ [entries|friends|calendar]
~Drop of Blood~

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[27 Jun 2005|05:51pm]

Ooh, I didn't know there was a community for Verenpisara. o_o; I am a bit late with joining, but who cares. So umm hi, I am Niimura, a random 16-year-old from Finland and have been a fan of the band since Aamunodottaja was out, which was in... 2002? I think. Anyway. hi there. *revives the poor community a bit* I have the both two versions of their Aamunodottaja cd (the one that was taken out of sale because of the issues with The Red Cross, and the new version) and I have the band's autographs on the one with the new cover, so I thought I could show it off a bit.Collapse )
I also have the Happosadetta cd, obviously, but I have no singles by far, though it is going to change when their new single is out in July. And their new album is out on the 17th of August, soo~ stay tuned. ^^; Ah well, anyway, if someone needs mp3s or lyric translations from either one of the albums, just ask and I'll be happy to help. ^^b
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[02 Feb 2005|12:12pm]

Joined 'cos I have Verenpisara's single "aamunodottaja" and I just love it.
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[03 Aug 2003|12:53pm]

phayra of the finland community has very very kindly offered us, as she calls them, "crude translations" ((due to severe differences in the languages)) to two Verenpisara songs~ This should make Meo happy for sure XD

Nuoli (Arrow)

My arrow, my shovel doesn't go through your crust
Earth is hard and graveled, I just cannot
bury you
I'd like to walk on grass
Lay on top of listening you silently
guess your whisper

You would sleep under even the vainest thoughts
Anything about you would never step into me
I'd caress with my hand green surface
I would look straigth to you through the Earth

I would be the last eye, skin
hands and feeling which touches you
I'd pull my arrow from you
with it your beating heart
the scent of the melt soil of spring

Sinun tyyneytesi vie voiton kaikesta
(your calmness beats everything else)

I draw a line in front of you, don't step over it
I draw a line in front of you on water, don't step over it

I carry you to the surface, will suck you free from air
The water is calm, your calmness beats everything else

I speak to you, touch your hair

I carry you to the surface, I suck you free from air
the water is calm, your calmness beats everything else

my dried flower closer up, shivering
from a hand to my thigh
"rosemouth" estranged from around my empty hatred
to the wanton dance of ashes

Once again, many many thanks go out to phayra ((who is also a Verenpisara fan))
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[01 Aug 2003|10:50am]

Verenpisara Discography :3 If you want any of the MP3s there, so you can burn your own CD, just ask.. I think I have most of them, and I can put them up on Private Server for you :P That site has a few pics and a bit of info in Non*English but nevermind :D
*wishes he could find some damn lyrics though* x_o
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[26 Jul 2003|11:58am]

Okay! Ready to join? XD

Oh, and I need a few suggestions for things to put under "Interests" o.o All ideas welcome!
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